5 Good Reasons For A Bathroom Remodel

Whether you are selling your home or just want a change, a bathroom remodel is the way to go. A bathroom remodel will also allow for your creativity to flow and add your personal touch to the house.

bathroom remodel

Expand your bathroom space

Whether your current bathroom is too small or if you want to upgrade your fixtures, a bathroom remodel is a good idea. Expanding the space in your bathroom means you could add a second sink, a walk-in shower, a bigger tub, or even a Jacuzzi tub!


Make your bathroom handicap accessible

As we age what we need in a bathroom changes. If you need to add features to your bathroom to make it handicap accessible, then a bathroom remodel may be the answer for you. A remodel will allow you to add a curb-less shower or a walk-in tub to make it easier for those with a wheelchair or walker to enter and exit the shower. You would be able to add a seat to your shower, grab bars, non-slip floors, and an anti-scald valve for the shower or tub. There are many other handicap accessible features you could add to your bathroom if you choose to have your bathroom remodeled.

You have an old and outdated bathroom

A lot of houses have bathrooms with outdated fixtures, tubs, lights, and countertops. A bathroom remodel would allow you to upgrade your whole bathroom. You would be able to pick and choose what you want in a bathroom and what you don’t. You are also more likely to find mold and mildew in an old, outdated bathroom and a bathroom remodel would take care of that.

Improve energy efficiency with a bathroom remodel

With a bathroom remodel you can choose to have more energy efficient fixtures installed which could lower your water and electricity bills. Installing LED or CFL lights during your remodel could cut down the cost of electricity. Your water bill could also be lowered if you choose to install a low-flow toilet and a low-flow shower head. Adding more ventilation would help save energy in general.

Add resale value

A bathroom remodel will help you sell your house more quickly and you could raise the price on your house too. Generally, people are willing to pay more money for a house with updated features. A bathroom remodel adds up to 62% more ROI.


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