6 Items Not To Flush Down The Toilet

Many people may not give a second thought about what they are flushing down the toilet. The toilet is an important part of everyday life, so taking care of it should be important.

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Here are 6 items you should NEVER flush down your toilet:


  • Wet Wipes/Baby Wipes: Even if they are labeled as flushable, they are not! These wipes ruin your plumbing and have to be filtered out of the system at the water treatment facilities.
  • Dental Floss: Floss may seem like it can be flushed because it’s so small but flushing it is not a good idea. Dental floss doesn’t dissolve so it gets tangled in your pipes, trapping other materials (hair, fats, paper towels, wipes, etc.) in a tangled mess causing clogs.
  • Medication: Flushing medication is a big no-no. Medication that is flushed down the toilet don’t get filtered out at the water treatment centers, meaning the city water supply gets contaminated. Medication you won’t use can be dropped off at your local medication drop off site. You can find a drop off site near you by looking online or asking about it at your local pharmacy.
  • Hair: Hair, like dental floss, shouldn’t be flushed. Hair forms into balls in the pipes, trapping smells, other materials, and creating clogs.
  • Kitty Litter: When cleaning out your cat’s litter box, dumping their waste into the toilet may seem like an easy solution, but flushing litter is a bad idea. Litter is designed to clump when in contact with moisture. Flushing enough litter will cause a clog.
  • Facial Tissue/Kleenex: Tissues are much stronger than toilet paper and will take much longer to disintegrate. Since tissues take so long to disintegrate, it would be easy for it to get caught in hair or floss causing a clog. If it passes through the pipes without clogging it will have to be filtered out at the water treatment centers.

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