How Much Does A Toilet Replacement Cost?

Replacing a faulty toilet can greatly improve your home life. If your toilet is 15 – 20 years old then a toilet replacement may be more cost effective.


Types of toilets

Toilet Replacement Salem Oregon

There are multiple types of toilets to pick from when choosing one to replace your old toilet, you can even choose if you would like a toilet that sits shorter with a round bowl or a toilet that sits taller and has an oval shaped bowl.

Standard toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush, half as much water as toilets made before 1994, they use only gravity to pull everything down when flushed making it quieter than other options. Standard toilets usually cost between $200 and $400.

There are toilets available that are more water-efficient, using 1.28 gallons per flush. Toilets with improved technology tend to clog less than standard toilets.

Also available are pressure assisted models that help ensure it all goes down.

Water-efficient toilets and pressure assisted toilets will cost more than the standard toilets. If you choose to have a toilet that includes more high-tech features, such as, a seat warmer and built in bidet, the cost can be up to $4,000.

You can tell your plumber what you are looking for and he will find the best options for you.


Why hire a plumber?


While replacing your toilet may seem like an easy job, there is a whole lot that can go wrong. Hiring a plumber will ensure that the job is done quickly and properly.

Here are a few common DIY mistakes:

  • Improper compression of the wax seal
  • Resetting the toilet on a damaged flange
  • Incorrect calking
  • Not properly leveling the toilet


Your plumber will know how to handle any problems encountered during the toilet replacement.


Toilet replacement price factors


The cost of a toilet replacement varies greatly. Replacing a toilet is usually a one to two hour job. Thrasher Plumbing, like most plumbers, charge by the hour.  Usually the wax ring, new anchors, and supply line are included in the installation price.

Other price factors include:

  • The number of toilets being replaced
  • Cost of the toilet
  • Recycling the old toilet and boxes
  • Uneven flooring that may need to be fixed before installation can occur
  • If the new toilet has special features the installation time will take longer
  • The condition of the plumbing around the toilet



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