When Should I Replace My Water Heater?

The lifespan of a water heater is eight to ten years. If your water heater is ten years or older, then a water heater replacement is strongly recommended. Most of the time, people have no idea that their water heater is about to fail. It is important to know the signs of a failing water heater so you can be proactive about repairing or replacing.

Signs of a failing water heater


To avoid the disturbance water heater replacementand damage of a failing water heater, here are some signs that your water heater is about to fail:

  • Rusty water coming from your water heater is a good indicator that the inside of the water heater is rusting and will soon begin to leak.
  • Moisture around your water heater means you may have a small fracture on the water heater. As the metal heats up, it expands, allowing water to le
    ak out from the fracture.
  • A noisy water heater is a good sign that it is time to get a new one. As time passes, sediment builds up at the base of the water heater and as it is heated and reheated a rumbling sound can be heard. Sediment build up causes your water heater to work much less efficiently as it will take more electricity or gas to heat the water. Sediment build up can also causes lots of wear on the metal tank.

Water heater replacement

One of the most common home improvement investments is replacing the water heater.

The most common water heaters are natural gas and electric. With the natural gas and electric options you also can choose if you want a tankless water heater or not. Energy efficient water heaters are more expensive to purchase and to install.

A new water heater will cost between $900 and $1700, but your plumber will help you find the best water heater option for you. The cost for a water heater replacement varies because of the different kinds of heaters.

Importance of hiring a plumber

Hiring a plumber to replace your water heater is important, if your water heater is installed improperly it can be very dangerous to you and your household.

When installing an electric water heater you will be dealing with up to 240 volts of electricity. The plumber you hire will know how to safely replace the electric water heater.

Installing a gas water heater can be just as dangerous. If the gas water heater is not properly replaced, a gas leak can occur, causing damage to your house and putting the safety of the household members at risk. A licensed plumber will know how to safely replace your gas water heater.

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