Should I Repipe My House?

It can be difficult to determine if you need to repipe the water supply line pipes in your house or not, pipes may look fine from the outside while the inside is covered in rust and gunk build up.


Importance of replacing old pipes


If your pipes are old, small leaks that you can’t easily find can develop.

These hidden leaks happen inside the walls, in the basement, and in the attic.

Some leaks are easy to spot, such as, under the kitchen or bathroom sink.

Hidden leaks and easier to spot leaks can cause major damage to your home. Leaky areas will often times grow mold or mildew if the problem is not taken care of quickly enough. Inhaling mold and mildew can be dangerous to your health, causing asthma and allergy flair-ups or even upper respiratory infections.


Signs you should repipe your home

Salem Oregon Plumbing Repiping

Caked on rust and gunk throughout the pipes can greatly restrict the flow of water. As water goes through the gunk-filled pipes the volume that can reach your fixtures can become noticeably lower.

If you notice your water has a tint of orange or yellow to it or unpleasant smelling, the water could be unhealthy to drink.



Repiping your house


When choosing new pipes to replace the old ones, there are two different types to consider: PEX and copper.

PEX has been the standard pipe to use for the last 20 years and it is also the cheaper option of the two. PEX is lightweight and flexible and non-corrosive. This type of pipe is made out of a plastic material and can with stand extreme temperatures.

Copper pipes are a bit more expensive than PEX but has lots of its own benefits. Copper pipes are eco-friendly and are able to maintain their reliability under extreme conditions. Copper pipes are resistant to corrosion, hinders bacterial growth, and has leak proof joints.

Your plumber will recommend the pipes that will work best within your home.



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